Develop Skills in Performing Arts & Communication

Develop Skills in Performing Arts & Communication

Develop Skills in Performing Arts & CommunicationDevelop Skills in Performing Arts & CommunicationDevelop Skills in Performing Arts & Communication


 ACT2 was established by Marshall Sapherson in 2019. ACT2 exists to support students with an interest in developing their performance and communication  skills. 



ACT2 offers LAMDA courses including Acting and Public Speaking, tuition for IB DP Theatre 

and bespoke training or coaching in performance and communication skills.


LAMDA is the most highly respected provider of graded examinations in communication skills and in the performing arts.

Excellent Track Record

100% exam pass rate in 2019 


67% @ Pass with DISTINCTION

33% @ Pass with MERIT


100% @ Grade 7

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At Home, School or Online

ACT2 offers different possibilities for tuition 

at School

at Home

or Online

Accelerated LAMDA

Students normally take one LAMDA exam each year. For ambitious students taking private course it is possible to complete two LAMDA exam grades within one year.  Please email us to learn more -

London Theatre Trip

ACT2 students will have the opportunity to participate in a trip to London in spring 2020. The trip will include a back stage tour at the National Theatre, a visit to the BBC TV studios, tickets for westend shows and more........

Performing Arts

 We learn best when our minds, bodies and emotions are engaged simultaneously.  By participating in the Performing Arts we engage and connect more deeply with the world around us, with ourselves and with others. 

Technology Dangers

  Social media and screen culture play a very dominant role in the lives of our young people, often to the detriment of their interpersonal skills, social confidence and communication skills. 



Marshall is a Drama and Theatre specialist with over 30 years experience as a school teacher, University lecturer and as a directing, acting and LAMDA coach. He worked as Head of Drama for 15 years at the International School of Geneva and during this time he initiated a thriving and successful programme of LAMDA courses at the school.