Terms & Conditions

General Conditions

ACT2 agrees to provide courses, coaching, workshops and other activities to support students develop their skills and interest in the performing arts and communication. The terms proposed here are in line with the standard terms normally applied to paid extra curricular courses. 


The commitment made by parents signing up to a course is for the full year, i.e. September through June.  ACT2 reserves the right to cancel an activity in case of insufficient registration, conflicts with other activities or logistic problems. In the case of cancellation the balance of any unused fees paid by parents will be returned in full.

Payments For School-Based Courses

Payments by parents will be made in two installments. The first installment is paid before the start of the course and secures the student's place . The second installment is made at the start of the second semester. 

No reduction in fees will normally be made by ACT2 in case of cancellation or non-respect of the contract, or in case of any absences, withdrawal or dismissal of the student unless due to participation in a mandatory school event. However students in year 13 have the option to stop courses at the end of Semester 1 and in this case will not be charged for the second installment. 

Payments For Home-Based Courses

The schedule of payments for courses at home is negotiated between the teacher and the parents. For home courses there is the opportunity to reduce or increase the number of sessions depending on the progress of the student(s).  It is also possible to vary the the time and frquency of sessions to suit the family though this will also depend on the availability of the teacher.  

The schedule of payments for courses at home is negotiated between the teacher and the parents. For home courses there is the opportunity to reduce or increase the number of sessions depending on the progress of the student. Itsthe student.


The ACT2 online registration form must be submitted and first installment paid before any student can be confirmed on a course and before any student may attend courses. ACT2 will do its best to honour requests for lessons, teachers, days and times listed on the registration form but places are limited and ACT2 cannot guarantee that all requests will be successful.

Teaching Schedule

All courses will be delivered during the school term. However teaching does not take place in every week of the school term and will normally be delivered only for the number of contact hours indicated for the selected course. Please check the calendar of teaching weeks which will be issued for each course. 

Contact Sessions

Contact sessions include normal scheduled teaching sessions, an evening Showcase event in March or April, final weekend rehearsal sessions in April and May, Mock Examination sessions and supervision at the Final Examination.  

Withdrawal With Replacement

In the event that a student has to withdraw from their LAMDA course for reasons other than force majeure the registration will normally be cancelled only once another student is found and is available to take the vacated place. In such a case the fees will be recalculated in line with the number of weeks completed prior to the cancellation. 

Missed Sessions

In the case of group course sessions missed by students for any reason, the tuition cannot normally be replaced and will not be refunded or credited. 

In the case that private course students are absent due to a conflict between the scheduled lesson and the scheduling of a mandatory school curricular activity or exam, the missed lesson will be replaced providing the student informs his/her LAMDA teacher in writing or by email at least 7 days in advance.  

In the case of a teacher's absence, a replacement lesson will be proposed. However, once a replacement lesson time has been agreed to, the Terms and Conditions of the registration form are applied. Refusal of proposed replacement lessons will not result in reimbursement. Lessons missed due to a teacher’s absence or to an Excused Student Absence where replacement lessons were not able to be given at an earlier time will be delivered in the advertised additional weekend rehearsal sessions in April and May.

Code of Conduct

The school’s Code of Conduct represents the central values of the school and is based on the belief that one of the school’s main aims is to support the development of decent, respectful and caring citizens of the world.

All members of the community are expected to treat each other with respect. Students are expected to follow instructions given by adults regardless of their role. Similarly the teachers and other adults in the school will treat the students with respect. A student who does not conform to the Code of Conduct risks being asked to leave the program permanently.

External Students

Students who are not enrolled at the International School of Lausanne may enroll for LAMDA as  External Students and register for group or private lessons that take place after 15.45 when regular ISL school courses have ended.


Marshall Sapherson

Swiss International Representative for LAMDA

Director: ACT2