Student Endorsements

Olivia S - y13 @ISL, Lausanne


 "Having Mr Sapherson as my Theatre teacher was a complete blessing. I always hoped to get a 7 in Theatre but I could not have achieved it without his support and care."  (2019)

 IB Diploma Theatre  -  7

Eloise C - y10 @Home, Geneva


 "I’ve been passionate about theatre for years, and I just I took my first LAMDA exam. Mr. Sapherson’s coaching and constant encouragement throughout the year helped me build my skills and confidence. On the day of the exam he was there, and reassured me as I was very nervous! I look forward to working with Mr. Sapherson again next year to pass my next level."   (2019)

LAMDA Solo Acting - Grade 5 

Pass with Distinction

Alexei D - y13 @ISL, Lausanne


"A grade 7 at IB DP level doesn't come without the help of a good and tolerant teacher - so thank you for helping me over the past year!"   (2019)

 IB Diploma Theatre  -  7

Alejandra P - y13 @Home, Geneva


 "Having Mr Sapherson as a teacher not only inspired me to complete my LAMDA diploma, but I enjoyed every single moment of being his student.  His constant support and encouragement is what fuelled my passion for theatre."   (2019)

LAMDA Solo Acting - Grade 8

Pass with Merit

Emma L - y13 @ISL, Lausanne


 "Getting a 7 in HL Theatre would not have been possible without Mr Sapherson’s support. Not only is he a great teacher but a great mentor! "   (2019)

IB Diploma Theatre -  7 

M R - y10 CDL @Home, France


Getting a distinction in Solo Acting Grade 7 was all thanks to having the motivation and inspiration from Mr. Sapherson. I enjoyed every lesson and learned to have more confidence. Thank you for all your unconditional support. I’m looking forward to continue working with you for grade 8.  (2019)

LAMDA Solo Acting - Grade 7  

Pass with Distinction 

Ruya S - Y11 @Home, Eaux-Vives, Geneva


LAMDA Solo Acting - Grade 6   (2019)

Pass with Merit

Martin S - Y10 @Home, France


LAMDA Solo Acting - Grade 7  (2019)
Pass with Distinction

Manya M - y10 @School, CDL


LAMDA Solo Acting - Grade 4   (2019)

Pass with Distinction


Professional Endorsement


Michael Kewley (Director of Marketing & Stakeholder Relations - The International School Of Geneva)

"Whilst he was working as Head of Theatre at Ecolint, Marshall led the organisation of LAMDA courses for all three campuses. Marshall's passion and drive led to an enormous take-up for the courses, with over 140 students signed up in only the third year of operation, and his deep understanding of the LAMDA courses coupled with his own skill as a drama teacher meant that we were able to achieve a 100% pass rate, with 95% of students gaining merit or distinctions. Marshall is a consummate theatre professional, whose calm and affable nature belies a fiery passion for all things theatrical, and a genuine love of inspiring young  people to develop as performers, public speakers, and practitioners of  the theatrical arts. Highly recommended!"

Conrd Hughes (Campus Director and Secondary Head Teacher - The International School Of Geneva)

"Marshall Sapherson worked at the International School of Geneva for over 15 years as a department head, teacher, producer and activity leader.  Marshall's direction of shows was of very high quality: shows such as Les Miserables, The Crucible and The Accidental eath Of An Anarchist remain powerful memories for the school. Marshall is a highly skilled teacher of drama and LAMDA coach. In his considerable repertoire of skills and experience he has also shown that he is an excellent coordinator of LAMDA. "